Writer blog chain…….

Monday 3rd March 2014

Hello there – and thank you for taking the bother to find me. I hope you stay a while.

So at last I have a reason for a first blog and an incentive to try and get on and finish assembling this website……Reason being, I’ve been tagged in the ‘My Writing Process’ blog chain – each week a different author blogs about the book they’re working on next. Last week it was the turn of the great and good Catherine Bruton, talking about writing the final stages of her next novel ‘I Predict a Riot’, a story inspired by the 2011 London riots.

And er, now it’s my turn –so here goes nothing!

What am I working on at the moment?

My debut novel LAND comes out this September. Currently I’m finishing the last edits for this alongside working on an idea that might become my number 2 (‘my’, not ‘a’…at least I hope so)…..to be published 2015.

Why is it different from other books in the same genre?

My next novel – now ever more known as a number two – sits somewhere between contemporary and supernatural….so I suppose you might call the genre contempatural or superporary…..then again you might just call it a gritty drama of a love story.

Why do I write what I do?

I have always liked to think I write about something very different in every novel I create, however I have recently spotted certain trends emerging! ‘Character who wants to drift by unnoticed’. Tick. ‘Character trapped in a setting they can’t understand’. Tick. ‘Character who has a broken relationship with their family’. Tick. ‘Character who has been lied to.’ Tick. Who needs therapy……

But, on the whole, I think in all my writing I’m still basically trying to find the answer to the all-important: what’s it all about and what am I doing here…..to me the answers are always to be found in stories.

Who are you passing the baton to for next week’s Next Big Thing?
Er, talking of answers you might have to retune in for this one – I’m furiously chasing a couple of writers with my baton, take it, take it, oh, please take it….am hoping to catch up with them very soon so I don’t break the chain (the shame, the shame….)